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To top off this election season, Tumblr has dispatched journalist Ari Melber to file a series of interviews, pictures, and stories from people celebrating the 57th Presidential Inauguration. Click below to read the first of the series, in which the leading expert on Presidential Inauguration history explains the significance of having both Beyonce and James Taylor perform, why Obama’s first inaugural address was disappointing, and other traditions to look out for on Monday.

In addition to following our coverage here, you can get in on the action from afar by submitting to NPR’s “Dear Mr. President” (your message to Obama could be featured on the air!) and taking your very own photo with POTUS on GoldRun’s special Inauguration Tumblr. 

And, if you happen to be participating in the festivities on the ground in DC, please submit your photos/commentary here and be part of Tumblr’s community coverage!

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(Source: gov, via staff)

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